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Mike Garrison
9 August
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I'm quirky with a pinch of crazy and a dash of geek. Sleep and I don't go well together.. it's a love/hate relationship. I'd love to sleep, but sleep hates me, so often I don't sleep. Sometimes it's my fault; sometime it isn't.

If you want to stalk me, you can do so at the normal places: myspace.com/alien88, livejournal.com/users/alien88, and flickr.com/photos/alien88.

Aside from that, I work for that small school in Ann Arbor called the University of Michigan. What to I do you ask? Well, computer geek stuff of course. Almost anything. I run servers, I test hardware, I troubleshoot problems.. you name it. I love it, it's awesome. My coworkers are a fun group of people and friends.

The past year has been very interesting for me. It's been quite a change. I've gone from being a fairly anti-social person to someone who is very social. On top of that, starting next semester I will be teaching one or two Astronomy Labs. Who woulda thunk?!

I have a lot of friends at both EMU and University of Michigan - it's all good.

Some cute boys would be a nice thing to come into my life..

Feel free to say hi. Yeah, Or something. [this profile update brought to you at 6:30am after being up for 19 hours and previously sleeping for 4 hours]

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